A New Age Symphony.

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I am bored at myself, then I saw a T.V commercial where a pretty girl says to a guy, ‘You are boring, boring, boring” I felt like all people who knows me yelling at me what that pretty girl said. Hey I am a poet, poets go through emotional hells like this every day. Still I felt, I am a boring guy. Then I tried to send some paper works to government and I cannot find some originals. Usually I shout the ‘F’ word 50 times a min when things like that happen. But this time I remembered a pretty face I hate to forget. Then I went online and chatted with a random girl and looking at her I wrote this poem trying my best for a ‘distraction’ like Dr.House does in one of his shows. In all honesty, I failed miserably.


A New Age Symphony.

Your smile so precious,
You charm so wonderful,
Every time you blink,
Music fills my heart.

Through every music note I hear,
The rhythm of my heart beating,
Oh’ I knew not my soul dissolved,
In the love of yours as music came.

Hold my heart in symphonies you compose,
Touch my soul with melodies unheard,
Compose a new symphony with our names,
Your tunes counterpointing the tunes of mine.

We will weave dreams none ever seen,
In the music from our hearts play,
Hold my hand and take me in flight,
Of the dreams we both forever will see. 

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