A Walk From Past To Future.

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It is a poem I wrote, that’s about it. I don’t know the right of this or the wrong of this. I don’t care why I wrote it as I felt really bad before I started writing it and felt bad all through the time when I wrote it and when I read it once after I wrote it, I felt as if I betrayed myself. I don’t know you be the judge.


A Walk From Past To Future.

The whispers of the mind so well spoke,
About the glow in her eyes I saw,
“Open the heart O’ flesh and blood, heart you open,
For in those smiles you don’t see,
A wish for a thousand kisses in secret kept,
Ah’ the glow in those eyes seek,
The touch of your love upon her lips again and again.”

Love hesitates not and all doors of my heart I once closed,
To open for her love from the depths of my heart thrived,
Then to my conscience in silence I asked,
“Don’t you remember the pain we took?
Don’t you remember the despair we felt?
Blood still stains the doors of heart closed,
In the lost battle for love when love so fairly given,
But unacknowledged and trashed unfairly,
Do we need another pain filled misadventure?”

Silence through my mind spread,
And into a chilling fear it evolved,
As closer and closer her eyes came,
Then to me as if she read my mind she spoke,
“A beauty in perfection grown,
Is a beauty felt deep inside.
Pain upon your face I see,
Doubts upon your face I see,
And an undeniable truth too, I see,
And that truth is like a full grown Lotus,
A beauty by mud and dirt perfected,
Ah’ all I feel is what past pain and doubts perfected,
The love of yours will you honor me with?”

With eyes glued to her eyes I stood,
With every bit of strength in me I tried,
To feel her soul but nothing inside I felt,
Then to her with a smile less face I spoke,
“Reader of my mind the beauty of everyman’s love,
The honor is mine to take if a wonderful liar I become,
Not from a wound the past pain comes,
And the pain and doubt are only material to my love,
As in spirit my love to another I conceded,
The moment a blessing to my life she became.”

Then not giving another eye around her I walked,
But from the depth of my heart I once more spoke,
“Past is past and present is you, future what will be,
Will you walk with me and run with me becoming,
The love of future filled with only your love?’

I walked away from her with gladness of the truth I told,
The pace gradually increased as the pain in me increased,
Then the pain from inside of me in a flash left,
Ah’ a soft hand in my right hand I felt,
A thought said to me to look behind,
To my conscience my mind said,
“Shut up for good, let us be the past,
Let her love inside of him speak from now on”.
Without looking back, holding her hand tight I walked.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

After the 53 lines long writing with a depressing mood I raided my fridge and started cooking. Well what came out was not that depressing. Orzo Pasta, Spinach and Carrot, some Salmon and a Tilapia. I fried the tilapia and cooked the rest and ate. I know it is not a good idea to eat with a depressing mood. But you know what.. I loved it.


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