The Light Of Dreams

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Here is my firs poem this year. Took a little while to get things in order. This I would say is not the best of my efforts. I confess, I lost the catalyst between the poet and his poem.

Hope you all enjoy this.

The Light Of Dreams.


Night fell all across the town binding
Everything with a breath of cold
Darkness moaned in ecstasy of some salvation
Drowning many minds into dreamless sleep.

Sun, though far made his mighty leap
Day as the smile of Mother Nature birthed
He Woke from sleep but like a zombie walked
As an empty soul can’t find the needed light.

The morning dragged her feet all over him
As the vibrations of love ceased in his heart
Desperation rode her chariots through his veins
And as a dark witch into his empty soul screamed.

All around him filled were his favorites
The house, furnitures and books
All joined the witch and aloud at him screamed,
Ah’ the lost lover fell as a misfit for the world around.

Then from the couch he stood up
And told to himself and the dark witches around
“Tied to none is my soul now but untied never it will be
As love lied to me about future days that just birthed.

Let the world be a world of its own or me just myself
Ah’ the light of my life all around me I pawned
And my conscience in the world of unloved, blinded
Bearing silhouettes of a beauty who I thought loved.

And when dark moments like this to my life comes
I talk to the silhouette of that beauty as if I talk now
That to the forefront of my thoughts brings a face
A face no dark witch from my mind can erase.”

At the corner of the room a candle was lit
And the dark witch fell of the chariot and faded
The wonderful face from the silhouette around him danced
As the world in darkness fell, the light of his dreams she became. 

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

2 Replies to “The Light Of Dreams”

  1. Each line is very tightly crafted, like a Robert Frost poem, but free from the strictures, of rhyme, you make even tighter word choices. I think you were ruing the lack of a flow of ideas that would carry you the length of the poem. Sometimes, I will try some enjambment challenges in order to make the inspiration flow from line to line, until it takes the poem over. Still, this would be an exceptional achievement for most poets!

  2. @cantorron –  I totally agree with you about what you said as I had issues with the flow of ideas. I started with one idea and almost after the second stanza I kinda dropped it altogether and went around the idea. That’s why I needed to bring the self-talk in between. Good catch and I appreciate the comment.

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