A Trillion Dollar Coin

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“The White House would be taking a risk if it tries to make a constitutional end-run around Congress’ authority to raise the debt ceiling, legal experts said.”
Really? The legal experts can say whatever they want. They can define the constitution in many different ways. Party appointed judges can write any decree. But above all there is something called the will of the people. The Judiciary is part of the government, which of course is created by the people. If the judiciary is not going stand with the government to avoid an economic collapse then the judiciary is against the people for a piece of paper called the constitution. We are heading towards that crisis. I don’t think the judiciary will stand against the will of the people for some interpretation of the constitution by some mindless partisan politician. What Obama should “DO” is make couple of trillion dollar coins and go in that direction telling congress to follow or congress can sit on the potty they are sitting now. Americans needs action and no matter what action happens people will stand with those actions.

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