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The Greenbay Packers my darling football team did not break my heart, they just disgraced everyone who passionately believed in them. Bad preparations defensively cost the Packers everything everyone dreamed about. Anyway this season is over and it is time for Mike McCarthy to go back to the drawing board and start over and make some tough decisions. I love my Packers and felt a bit disappointed and getting over it now, needed to take some deep breaths to keep the blood pressure from going sky high. 

On another note, a lot of people are saying one should not watch ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ or give any awards for that movie. Couple of my friends while having coffee with me have had this discussion, usually I will jump into this conversation but most of the time I was thinking about the movie for which Kathryn Bigelow won an Oscar. My bad memory didn’t get me anywhere in the end as people as patriotism, political partisanship all where getting heated up between my friends I asked,

“Folks do you remember the name of the movie for which Kathryn Bigelow won an Oscar?”

They both looked at me, then in a dramatic way they both looked at each other. Surprisingly both took their phones and started browsing IMDB one even misspelled Kathryn’s name.

I told them “Stop, just stop” they both looked up at me. I continued “See the movies Kathryn Bigelow makes are powerful emotion seekers, like a seer sucker missile it goes and hits and then what remains is only damage. She is one of the best directors I know but the material she brings are horrible”

The girl beside me told “Riaz, don’t be..” by that time I put my hand on her mouth and told “Hey you both were not able to remember the name of the movie so I rest my case” her boyfriend by that time said “hmmm it is Hurt Locker”

I got up and said..”See you both need to see the movie couple of times before you decide if it should get an Oscar or not, just because it shows torture scenes doesn’t mean it is a bad movie, I will judge none before I see the movie at least couple of times. But like I said earlier, if it were me I will make or write movies that will leave a long lasting impression in the mind of the viewers than make movies people will forget in couple of years.” then I said byes to both of them and got out of Alterra Coffee shop and walked into the parking lot. On my way to downtown I thought about how people come to quick conclusions. Be it a movie, job, politics or anything else in society stereotyping is a dangerous move then I asked myself “Did I just stereotyped Kathryn Bigelow as a horrible movie maker?” I smiled and looked ahead and said aloud “No, she is a fantastic movie maker” and drove into a night filled with people trying to party away the depression their love (Packers) left in their hearts.

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