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You all know, have read in books, saw in movies, T.V shows and newspapers about people going into adventures. They all go through a lot of issues, fights, some goes in great lengths to face the problems, some find ways around the problems and many just have to fail. In it all there is one point that they all were born in one place and as per the world around them they were all destined to do something and their adventures takes them to places, meet people and they do things they were not destined to do. That’s why it all becomes adventures.

Before sun rises in the morning I will return to my roots from my adventure. Yeah all the things I say, write and do are my adventure and very soon I will be back at it.

One more thing hurting someone is easy, I believe in all the good I tried to do in my ‘adventure’ I did hurt someone almost insulted someone or at least gave that person “stress”… My sincere apologies.

Have a great life everyone.. I will be back at mine with some new poems. That’s another side of my adventure.

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