Fires Of Fear

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Hello everyone!
I made an announcement sometime back saying I am writing a long, long poem. This poem required me to use three different models. As in the coming weeks you will see why I chose three different models instead of using just one model. I am in the process of finishing these poems but I thought the first part is ready for you all.
As for other works, some projects I abandoned some new stuff I started. Well those who know me, know well, that I have the habit of throwing away a lot of materials I write. The latest poem I am working is a dark one, first I named it as “Dark Side Of A Pretty Face” then after chatting with the model who happens be a practicer of BDSM (Bondage, Dominating, Sadistic, Masochist)she is a bisexual woman, who enjoys someone totally binding her down to have rough sex. But she told me she don’t like violence and she was previously admitted in a mental clinic. Anyone would first walk away from such a confusion. I talked to her further to know the underlying reasons for her love for such behavior. When I heard her story I understood this is no ordinary woman, she is an incredible character and there is a wonderful innocent girl in her she herself don’t want to hurt. Then I asked her “Can I write about you?” she said “It will be an honor” I told her the way I want to name the poem she said “It is a bit bold” I thought about the ideas for couple of days and decided to name the poem “Shadows Of A Pretty Face”. I hope to release that poem by mid next week. As for now here is the first installment of the poem in which I used my favorite model… 

Enjoy the SuperBowl day folks.

Fires Of Fear.


Twisted and turning paths ahead laid,
Ah’ the Sun dutifully appeared and disappeared,
Night swallowed all the warmth and froze,
Bitter and pleasant feeling in mind to dreamless sleep.

The weeping willow by the cunning wind swayed,
Darkness took the sweat of nature and as frost drew,
Like crayon drawing all around biting life away,
Ah’ no more bitterness winter can bring.

Mind like a stallion in madness galloped,
As the fallen love no where to be found,
As a king without a kingdom soul evolved,
Oh’ only memories spoke sensible words.

Triumph of the mind over the tragedy life became,
When love in her for me became a wish-less nightmare,
Gathered upon the sepulcher of my happiness,
Dreams with weeping face-masks permanently crying,
And by dust of verses of love written in all sincerity.

Tall and slender shy but shameless,
Fear the smokeless fire became,
As the shinning light of love shown.
Your face like valley with spring blooms filled,
But fires of your fear burned away your love for me.

…….. (To Be Continued)

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