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Earlier today I was trying to talk to this girl online. She was asking me where I am from, what I do, how am I doing, you know the usual drill by any girl grilling any man trying to talk to her. My intention of trying to talk to this girl was just to spend sometime and I was trying to tell her that. Then she asked.”How do you look?” There was this other guy in the room and he was getting jealous of her attention to someone she had never seen.

I asked her, “Why you want to know how I look if I am not intending any romance with you honey?” she said, “I am curious to know, just want to put a face to the name”

I told her “There are good looking people, then there are ugly people, then there are people like me” As I was about to leave the chatroom I saw the other guy typed in “That was the best thing I’ve read in recent times”

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