The English Surgeon

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Ukraine, many people take a step or two back when they hear the name of that country. I have met many people from Ukraine. Not all are really good people. Some of them are compulsive liars like many of the people I have met in India, Europe and in USA. I have heard about that country a lot. Very deplorable economic conditions, sex trafficking, prostitution and the number one place for online strippers or sex site models. Honestly I’ve had a bad impression about this place. Even yesterday I thought about this country as a bad place and I slept. I have a habit of keeping a small T.V on when I sleep. Its just that I hate to sleep in silence and when I wake up in the middle of the night I have to hear something. So today morning when I woke up I am hearing Russian from the T.V as Global Voices of PBS was going on T.V. It was a documentary called “The English Surgeon” I sat on my bed and watched it. Let me tell you all, it shown the country side of Ukraine and erased every bad feeling I have in my mind about that place and how little those people have anything. Still the hopes and dreams of patients with Brain Tumors was well shown in this documentary. The great hearted surgeon and a place with no modern medical equipments and a lot of patients with hope. The success and failures of this surgeon is well shown in this documentary and makes it a must see. This changed my mind a lot about many, many things… Yeah, like the surgeon says towards the end of the documentary, “What are we if don’t try to help others, we’re nothing”   

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  1. very meaningful vid. I am truly stunned that there are still doctors who still care about the original noble calling of their job- having worked with doctors in prestigious private hospitals before, it seems all they care about is how deep their pockets may be filled. We need more doctors like this “English doctor” here.

    Will you go to Ukraine sometime?

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