Collage Of Dreams.

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What a fantastic weekend. Lot of fun, a girl I know said, “I am pregnant” All emotions in me froze and all senses trembled. Then she continued “Not yours” I took a deep breath and told “You will be blessed”. Then party with friends. Watched couple of movies on HBO and Showtime. I continued my vow of not smoking anymore. However by Saturday night I started getting all nervous and I thought my heart beat is going up. So took the electronic cigarette and smoked took a deep puff then I understood by mistake I bought the menthol one, which tasted pretty bad. I calmed down with some self hypnotic messages to myself (really thought if a “darling” girl were around to talk to me) ah’ that gave me some dreams, lot of flower and birds and full grown trees. Today morning my friend called me and told he will come for lunch. He came and took me to an Indian restaurant the food was not that bad. Then we went to see Star Trek. wow this is an awesome movie. I like this one better than Iron Man. Then when I came back home and sat in front of the computer I got this whole dream thing coming back to me. I smiled and said..

Collage Of Dreams.

A lilac flower gave a smile of love,
Touching her cheeks along the walkway walked,
Silly birds danced in the their flight leaving ripples,
Of air which swayed little flower.

Watching the grace of nature I thought,
Oh’ a wonderful female bard the bird maybe
As in a branch with puffed feathers she sat,
Tweeting in sweet sounds, sweeter than lilac honey.

The colors gently and gradually filled,
Mind to feel the gladness of spring,
The blooming flowers looked like yawning,
After a day long dance in the shining sun.

Leaned back at the tree all spread and stood,
And along with the nature I smiled,
Along with the spreading warmth I wished,
The frozen dreams to find warmth from her.

The thought of her thawed those dreams,
New dreams reflected all around the season of love,
Holding hands upon the heart I smiled,
And pledged all my love once more to her.

Far away she may be, but her senses close I felt,
Her mind like the mind in the color of the female bard I saw,
Gently and gradually filling with the tweets I heard,
Ah’ she the darling, the reality of the collage of my dreams.

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