In The Rhythm Of Your Heart

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I bought a new computer. No simple teen weeny laptop or the girly touch screen ipad/notepads. A massive desktop. 32GB-RAM 3TB HD and all the goodies that goes with it. Cost me about $2400. You know what this means… I am going to be back doing shows.. so poetry haters beware, poetry lovers…. here I come. May take couple of days to figure out this Windows 8 OS. Enough of all that.
Here is my latest, sweetest and greatest poem…

Have a sweet, sweet day.. I hope I will be able to make one more post before leaving town for the weekend.

In The Rhythm Of Your Heart.

The inner child woke listening,
To the lullabies I wrote and sang,
Oh’ those songs for you I wrote,
For your happiness I wrote,
For your peace of mind I wrote.

That little child with baby steps walked,
When about to fell held my index finger and stood,
Then giggled in gladness, filled with innocence,
Wiping away all anxiety, smiling for love,
Ah’ smiling with love when those songs he heard.

Years passed, the child never grew,
A lot more than tunes he learned,
When new patterns filled with your silhouette given,
Ah’ learned he to dance to tunes unheard,
Learned he, to gather new rays of sun to see.

Drifting through my mind and listening about you he learned,
Only your happiness can give him peace,
Only your smiles can make him smile,
Only your peace can make him sleep,
And for that without stop he danced;

In the rhythm of your heart.

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