The Whispering Witches.

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The Whispering Witches.

The settling summer dust I watched,
Those left over by the winds that left,
I pity them when upon them I walked,
Ah’ with a wicked smile upon those dusts I walked.

Sarcasm all around me echoed,
And beneath a face warmth of summer buried,
A face without a loving smile left.

She left leaving a heart in pain,
She left an emptiness all around,
She left a mind to weave nightmares,
She left me in the chaos of self doubts.

Let her go, reasoning inside mind spoke,
Let her go, conscience told,
Move on, many modern day folks told,
And to all with sadness filled anger I asked,

“Where were all of you when to win her heart I fought?
Why did you all stood as a standard and weaved?
An ego in my mind no love can penetrate?
Ah’ why didn’t I listen to her heartbeat and danced,
When you all, the whispering witches, day and night haunted?”

The settled summer dusts shown,
My own footsteps far away from reality,
The world of love fell apart burying,
A pair of footsteps whispering witches around me searched.
Footsteps of a face without a loving smile left.

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