A Melancholic Mockery

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Xanga is back. I hope my blog will stay here for good. I thought of moving on and told many excuses to stay back. I even told lies to get back in here after closing it many times before. There is a reason for me staying, it may sound very stupid. Every day I see a visitor at odd times coming to my site (I believe I know who that is) it is for that girl I kept this open and it is for her pleasure I write. When I say pleasure it may not be always happy, romantic poems I write. I mix every emotion so she can feel the sadness, anger and love through her senses. This whole thing is just for that. Now the pleasure of knowing that she comes here is over as Xanga changed the software and the trackers won’t work anymore. I have no intention of writing a new tracking software too. I guess she will come and read and enjoy my writings in her own way.

As for me…this is all becoming a…..

A Melancholic Mockery.

The graceful day through time passed,
Some part of time like a villain laughed,
Other parts like a romantic hero conquered,
Loved life in time’s adorable simplicity.
But love in the lap of time faced,
A melancholic mockery.

Passion sought, compassion offered,
Ah’ romance never became contagious,
Dreams weaved, promises given,
Oh’ why would one hide love in riddles of verses?
Ah’ the answer is a `romantic blasphemy’.

Wishes written, misunderstandings burned,
Future blurred, chaotic confusions created fear,
Rolled past, the errors of the past,
Too late, it’s too late, screams of time, echoed.
The melancholic mockery, a painful reality.

Sightless smiles, soundless songs,
Ah’ the wonders of love, only through those, known.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

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