The Elusive Shadow

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The Elusive Shadow.

The potency of the essence of life to know,
Oh’ time many through their lifetimes spent,
To learn the ways all connect,
And the ways many disconnect through bare reality,
But the truth, the ultimate truth one learned,
When nothing of this world one understood,
Yes, that truthful moment when umbilical chord detached,
In pain or gladness none knows why one screamed,
The truth is, from then on, there are no limits to what in your mind fills.

From that moment of detachment one starts,
The search with passion and emotions filled,
To anything and everything to attach,
Some in pious gestures and words try,
Some with arrogance and anger ones own mind betray,
Some like pathetic mongrels moan,
Oh’ why ones own fate one should write,
When what one must do is to live what is already written,
Ah’ those unknown verses of fate known,
When soul of each other without any senses we felt.
Still you know not what between us stood and now stands.

What darkness in your past spread I know not,
What in your eyes filled tears, I know not,
But from everyday of your past dripped,
And into a long dark silhouette became,
A shadow the world called,
But with all my love and then with material strength I failed,
To venture beyond that shadow who moved,
In the chaotic rhythms of a world with evil machinations filled.

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