Smile Of The Snowman

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Smile Of The Snowman.

The mid-winter evening fell prey to the gathering,
Of the dark clouds from west came and spread,
All around the horizon like an invading army.
Then upon everything fell, the white mischief of nature.

The next morning woke up to a feet of snow,
Then in the fun of all took birth the snowman,
His big bulky belly and thin hands,
No clothes but a hat, but all smiled at the well-drawn smile.

He stood like the warrior guarding the town,
The freeze gave him more life every day,
All who looked at him smiled and walked by,
And kids and grownups all at him waved.

The freeze went with the arrival of the nesting days,
The trees shook away the last bit of frost,
Little birds squeaked with all their body strength,
The snowman went underground as only his hat can be seen.

As flowers bloomed and later warmth of summer came,
In golden evenings everyone scattered in summer fun,
The games of love once more played with full hands,
And love left with the golden rays of the evening sun.

When the soul was once more left unloved,
Looking at the dusty torn hat I remembered,
The only realistic smile my mind can remember,
The smile of the snowman in that winter freeze.

©LonelyPoet. All Rights Reserved. 2009. This poem is part of a book “Flames From Frost”. A compilation of poems written during winter times.

Photo by Connor Irwin on Unsplash

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