A New Spring Bloom.

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A New Spring Bloom.

Dragged down from the world of imaginations when you told,
Love left the nest we built and only anger and bitterness remains.
Silent I stood as in haste you dragged your aching heart.

The unfortunate, the misunderstood and in despair I lived,
To know more about me and more about the world.
Ah’ I learned there is gladness in every event.

The happiness I found made me more important than the sadness you gave,
My love never touched your heart nor any love sprouted out of yours,
Lifeless minds around you made you numb to the affections of mine.

As the spread out world fast moved round and round through time,
Ah’ what fantastic images to my conscience came and bloomed,
But all faded to the frozen winters of my memories about you.

Metaphors and similes filled mind back to romantic imaginations,
And bitterness and anger melted to soothe the aching heart,
Ah’ spring morning dew bloomed a face into my love.

A face I thought in veils of colors and creams covered,
Oh’ the dream shown without the worldly masquerades,
Slowly like spring she bloomed my heart in verse filled smiles.

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Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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