The Blessing Of A Lovely Morning.

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The whispers of the night,
Sighs and breath felt all over,
Skin upon skin, heart upon heart,
Merged into one, with passions firing from soul.

How wonderful it is to see you sleep,
As night through time step by step moved,
And dreams filled with you, I too slept,

The touch of lips upon mine erased the sleep,
And I saw the day waking behind you,
In sweetness spread from kisses you gave,
The morning ready to fly with wings all spread.

Like billions of doves flying all around,
Light danced and welcomed the day,
A day with promises born,
Yet, the first step to a lifetime ahead.

I saw no angels flying by,
I saw no glitters of blessings in the air,
The fantasies of love only heard and wrote,
Not stood as monuments for us to reckon.

All the wings of morning spread,
The Sun crawled up to heights and blazed,
House hold dust otherwise unseen now through creeping rays rose,
And through it all you walked with the morning glories in hand.

With the morning behind you and me in front of you,
In those eyes I saw the sparkles that left all in dark and dust,
Then I know who the angel truly is,
As the blessings glittered in your eyes that told,
How blessed I am in your love for me.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010.

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

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