Mind Of An Unloved Man.

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The taming of mind after the wild chase,
After her who still remains an illusion.
In emptiness I penanced,
For an unrealistic life ahead,
And her heart so elusive,
My mind elongated in time and space ran after.

I speak of no dreams anymore,
For they all were like viruses,
That ate out mind, leaving remorse.

I keep no hope in any day ahead,
As all hope disappeared in her silence,
The fear in me grew every day,
As the silence haunted, even in the bright-lit day.

She did not see the passion of her dreams in me,
Her illusion of love did not paint my face,
Every image in my eyes lost,
In the deep and dark dreams of the unloved,
And once more my own conscience laughed,
At me in the mockery of my loveless life.

O loveless I maybe after the wildest rides,
Uptowns to downtowns and to countryside,
I went after mirages of pathetic material life,
Though love alone is not life, I learned,
The love of a girl I will always miss.

Mind is a mystery mankind never learned,
Love is mystery my mind always hunted,
Though lost again love still remain,
Deep in the heart with every freshness known.

Then I felt a light breeze blowing from the west,
The wind touched nothing but me,
The hissing sound, played like a thousand violins,
By Nature deep into my ear and to my heart,
And the heart opened once more to welcome,
A new love in all her freshness,
Though darkness still holds its hard grip,
Up in the sky blink multitude of stars,
Making me pray for the darkness to hold on,
As a new star is born with my love for you,
Glowing to you in all colors you choose.

©LonelyPoet -2006 – From The Book Age Of Survival – Collection Of Poems.

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

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