The Invisible Dream.

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The whispers of the wind, to listen I tried,
The falling of the leaves, to listen I tried,
From depths of mind a wish to be heard pried,
As silence all around me, loomed.

The face of a naughty girl time took,
And from the days light she stole,
And from the nights stars she stole,
But in chaos of fate lucky stars of mine she lost.

Oh’ lightless in days, starless at night,
Far sight of mind darkness held,
Even in minds ears Oh’ only an echo heard,
Somewhere far echo of a dream still floated.

Love whispered, passions awaken,
Lover with flickers of light came,
But to kindle candle that will show dreams, failed,
Oh’ only pathos of a dream lost, heard.

O dear, your face fills in my every waking moment,
But your eyes to any reality you closed,
And your voice among screams of material life unheard,
Dreams about holding each other in arms, invisible remained.

Though unreal it all seems and sounds,
The reality never seen light from both of our love,
Speak the truth, dance through the paths,
Break loose from heart those invisible dreams.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by Khanh Steven on Unsplash

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