The Material Angel.

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Sing, Sing O birds Sing,
As through the breeze you all glide,
Sing the tunes she whistled.

Dance O flowers dance,
And will you keep the petals open a little more,
As in prettiness of you all reflect,
The charms of a beauty, who whispered,
Into the wind the love of her mind,
And the wind all over me flew,
Dropping pollen the wind stole,
Kissing you all after hearing her words of love.

Smile, Smile O soul smile,
As the whole nature waits,
The happiness of yours as for too you spent,
In the meditation all call love,
Whispering prayers for lovers,
Who all won, lost and perished,
Though none to look for, for a word of care,
Oh you in waiting for love and care,
Feeling the spiritual love of God in every breathe.

Where are the angels gone?”
No need to yell to the world O my soul,
In their own world they all are,
With no time to see sincerity,
Or they all live the paradise of ignorance,
And to you my soul, the material me is your angel,
And to the material me you O soul,
A God given beauty, none cared to see.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM 2009 All rights reserved.

Photo by Lauren Roberts on Unsplash

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