When The Smoke Cleared.

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Fog and smoke slowly spread with the western wind,
Sparks of fire between the smoke seen that spread
Like the spark of life at birth one gets,
Ah’ the fires grown and grown wide and far.

When the fire grown and consumed all,
Flames so clearly seen, smoke way above gone,
Oh’ what wonderful wild fire you and I set,
From the sparks we felt with our glances and chit-chats.

The sparks every time we met we felt,
Silent, yet so wonderfully exchanged,
Unacknowledged, yet living every moment of time,
Hand in hand, heart entangled, in a wild, wild fire.

And from the fire sprouted wonders of love,
Wonders felt so close and all around us danced,
Wonders all around me wished to enter a bruised ego,
Worldly wonders, loveless, faithless, all of them I pushed aside.

The fire in me grown into a sanctified glow,
The glow that bound to the depths of soul,
Ah’ open your heart and soul for fires in you to grow,
Grow to consume the loving glow of mine with yours.

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Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

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