A Nightly Prayer.

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Dear, Dearest, Darling Oh’ the romantic feelings called,
And from the moon came light that dissolves,
Into everything seen making them pretty,
From the heart came music that dissolves,
Into souls and make them feel inspired,
From your face came a smile,
That merged all beauty and makes me feel loved.

Glory to you who made me feel good,
And let all blessings of happiness upon you shower,
May the emotions and feelings of love fill you,
With every good now and hereafter.

Sad I will be and cry along when sadness binds you,
And every moment I will spend,
To keep away sadness from you,
Glad I will be when in gladness you smile.
And I will be at the best to see the smile of yours,
In every waking moment of our life.

The vows to thin air I spoke as the night faded,
The nightingales sang, sang and fell asleep tired,
The nightly doors of heaven closed and I hope,
My prayers were well accepted and you will smile more,
When the blessings of the three worlds unite and make,
You the blessing of my soul, my mind and my heart.

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Photo by Philipe Cavalcante on Unsplash

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