Last Drops Of Tears

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Upon a shore once I stood,
And the cool breeze’s caress upon my face I felt.
And waves in curves rolled upon the shore in ecstasy.

Upon the hill once I stood,
And the naughty wind blasting upon my face I felt,
And the streams danced underneath with passion filled joy.

Upon the sand dooms of desert once I stood,
And the naughty winds hands through showering sands I felt,
And the earth underneath flown up with the wind enlightened.

Burying passions of my love I now stand,
And the naughty wind sharing my sadness, stood still,
And the earth underneath in tremors wept.

The shore, hill and desert all as monuments stood,
The wind flown through the monuments lazily,
The earth still mourned with my heart.

Nature so much into my soul filled,
So my feelings in Nature I see,
Still energetic and wonderfully beautiful.

The beauty of life through every feeling I understand,
This be another feeling, of lost love I learned,
Holding a handful of sand I shed, last drops of my tears for love.

© LonelyPoet – All Rights Reserved -2007. From the collection of poems “Romantic Feelings.”.

Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash

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