A Mischievous Mirage

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Eradicate from mind all doubts and fear,
For in my mind I hold no grudge for you dear,
Give me a smile filled with your love,
As that smile holds the healing for all our fear.

For every mischiefs in the past to you I apologize,
But your forgiveness is a naughty little wind unflown to me,
You are my mind, you are my reality,
Or all I am will be a mischievous mirage.

To bless me with your love to God every conscious moment I plead,
As I know no better blessing God can give,
As in every smile of yours God with audacity filled,
The magnificence of his power of creation for world to see.

Whisper to me a word of care,
As I know in your words filled are the blessings,
That will forever erase every bit of pain from my heart,
Whisper to me the will of your love.

Or scold me for the mischief of love I felt for you,
And never will I write any word with your image in mind,
And never will I love any creation of God,
And the rest of my days in prayers for forgiveness I will spend.

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Photo by Liliia Beda on Unsplash

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