She – Eight.

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She – Eight.

Oh’ to the cold morning winds I said,
Calm down, O naughty girls, calm down,
Prepare to spread the scents that fill a lovers heart,
Stand by to caress the cheeks soft and warm
Your friend will come out for her walks.

About her I thought I don’t know a lot,
But in the depths of those eyes I see,
Purity of a soul I’ll never learn in whole,
Gathered upon her is beauty in unique perfection,
Flaws of humans none can see upon her at all.

Little by little eagerness in my mind grew,
As the winds still hit upon my face,
And scrolled through my whole being,
Mind felt none of these at all,
As eagerness, in my waiting grown up to anxiety.

The willow branches clashed in vengeance,
The ones lost broke and fell right behind,
I still know she will never disappoint,
The whole nature and two eager eyes,
The whole feeling  pounded my heart so fast.

The wind went behind me and pushed me ahead,
As if asking me to move from my petrified pose,
Accidentally my lips said what mind just thought,
Oh’ dear where are you in silence hide?
I looked around to see if anyone else around.

The naughty winds never calmed down,
But from all around growled into my five senses,
With bowed head I stood in disappointment,
As the beauty I waited, left me in waiting,
Anxiety now matured enough to pain my heart.

Then the winds just stopped hitting on my face,
But upon the willows they still danced,
The painful anxiety left me in that instant,
Calm before the storm in my heart I felt,
Then I saw her slowly walking through the garden path.

Eyes never flickered, ears heard her soft foot steps,
The wind now rested upon the willows,
The rays of the morning sun warmed all around,
She never looked at me at all but my mind said she knew,
A harmless poet not from far absorbed her beauty.

On this day she walked holding her hand so tight,
Then turned to me and smiled from the depths of her heart,
I closed my eyes and opened them again,
She was gone, not another sight of her I saw,
And the winds came back with all their naughtiness.

For a long time kept my eyes closed and seen her in my mind,
Then got up and wrote her in full before her image faded,
As the last words were written down in my mind she filled,
Now all of you will see her and know her in the same way I do.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM- All Rights Reserved -2008.

Photo by Jayson Hinrichsen on Unsplash

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