She – Nine.

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She – Nine.

Oh’ in a dream I saw, a dead end I reached,
And with a heart that lost all hopes,
At the corner of the street I sat,
Crippled thoughts and dried out throat,
Oh’ even in the autumn cold,
Heat from inside felt,
And in heavy breathes I sweat,
And losing my breath I wept.

Got up I and around the block I walked,
Kicking pebbles and empty soda cans,
They all meant something sometime,
Precious pieces now in dust kicked,
By someone precious never was.

Oh’ how lost were I, I knew not,
As serenity became an old English word,
The actions to create tranquility, by the world discarded.
Sadness around me with light and wind danced,
“Disappointed I am” said I,
And again at the corner of the street I sat,
More gloom added by the clouds above gathered,
Then, Oh’ all barriers broken,
And a mix of green and blue light came,
Erasing every gloom around,
Soothing body and mind with coolness,
Oh’ like a feather covering me I felt,
As the tranquility of heavens unknown I felt.

The dream gone when into the morning I woke,
An aroma never ever felt filled my nose,
Then to see the visual manifestation of smell eyes I closed,
And from dark her face bloomed to my mind,
Oh’ senses in unity paused and nothing else I felt,
Then to me up close her eyes she showed,
The mix of hazel, blue, and greenish colored eyes I saw,
The beauty of the dusk as mascara upon her eyes I saw,
The passions of every heart of the future I felt,
The sanctity of womanhood upon her filled,
And upon her dissolved every disappointment of mine,
As smile after smile she showered,
Her smiles covered me with a feeling smooth,
Caressing every feeling and emotions deep,
Oh’ She, the true fulfillment of my dream,
A dream that shown every day of my remaining life,
Keeping her at a higher plain than me and everything on ground.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM- All Rights Reserved – 2006.

Photo by Lawrson Pinson on Unsplash

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