To My Anger

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To My Anger.

Have I not given you space and time?
Thoughtless mind and warmth of blood and flesh?
Have I not given you uncaring words?
Fearless heart and countless energy to grow?

Didn’t you grew old with me as my naughty self?
And threw all away who gave a tasteless smirk?
Neither you nor I won any battles we fought,
Against material shadows with no image.

Those battles in rage and arrogance we won.
But life we lost beyond any hopes of recovery,
Oh’ curses of new kinds you taught as a dance,
And buried I many who questioned in rage filled dance.

And we lost nothing we thought and in celebrations lived,
And kept my head high among all we walked,
But in a micro, microscopic planet lost,
All screams and shouts in the darker paths we lost.

Ah’ an unreachable Island in loneliness I became,
Where none else will venture to discover a loving heart,
The silence all around loomed falling in love with darkness,
But tit-bits of reality like pebbles on shores gathered and prayed.

Oh’ as sanctified some parts of conscience remained,
The power of prayers spread light-years in peace.
Brought the light through life, time and space sought,
The light of love Ah’ deep in soul filled.

So my anger I leave you in your machinations,
And your evil ways and dark shadows forever,
As into the ocean of love the first step I take,
As that light I saw in her eyes shined bright.

When I made her smile with my peace.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Photo by Liliia Beda on Unsplash



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