She – Fifteen.

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She – Fifteen.

Darkened sky Oh’ in all horizons filled,
Frozen clouds like mountains stood,
As in the lands below snow froze,
Then a poet sang a poem looking at you.

 Nature drowned in your eyes,
And filled deep into your soul,
Out from the soul flown,
Feelings filled with romantic poetry.

Ah’ those verses in the mind of a poet filled,
And your image by five sense painted,
And that image danced and danced and wrote,
Time of future second by second with every step.

Oh’ many dreams with you in mind one can weave,
But the colors of light into seven whithered.
Then every color a verse of prayer wrote,
In the essence of love of yours.

The magic of life through nature spread,
As love for you from every corner bloomed,
Even in the freeze of winter, spring warmth felt,
As the warmth of your love in every corner felt

When with a soul filled with love this poet sang,
The healing power of love with love of yours increased,
And every wounds of past from mind healed,
And left beauty of smiles on face as a birth mark.

Oh’ future thrived to be touched by you,
Stallions of future time like caged lions roared,
No path to future without your footsteps can unfold,
As in your love filled eyes times of future I see.

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