A Touch Forever.

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A Touch Forever.

Sound, the notes and pitches that fills,
The material being and the spirits,
And in enchantment blesses every moment of life.

Smell, the feeling that words cannot describe,
No other sense can in the depths of soul touch,
Like the smell of her flowery skin.

Taste, sweet or sour or in the mix of spices,
No other feeling can kill the hunger,
But taste can’t kill the hunger of soul.

Touch, Oh’ every touch wakes up a billion thoughts,
And dances through mind and soul,
And sprout dreams when the conscious mind sleeps.

Sight, it is a blessing that always wonders,
Where all the sense in sync merges,
As even dreams can only be seen.

When sight is the only sense that can be used,
From the depths of mind all senses in perfection simulates,
The material being of a perfect beauty,
That left a touch in soul, that forever will remain.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2006,

Photo by Cristina Pop on Unsplash

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