Wrong Paths And Blames.

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Wrong Paths And Blames

The golden hair covering her left eye,
and moves to the exhaling breath,
Looked through the vale of her blowing kisses,
holding on to the fake pearl necklace,
Touching her naked body all over,
Dancing to the tunes someone else wrote,
Falling into a fate she never hoped,
Intoxication from whiskey dissolved,
Into her eyes filled with lust,
Invitation to share that lust,
And passions that runs through nerves,
And to her from the depths of my heart I asked,
“Can I have a little innocence of yours, if any remains in you?”

The wind blew and the green branches danced,
Like a ballerina when tunes of summer birds filled,
And through the lake banks I walked and walked,
Mind in meditation calmed and sun far away faded,
How long can one walk as a reality like a curse follows,
And to the wind with a tone of aggression I asked,
“Why you come back again and again to leave,
Once more, leaving mind in pain?”

The whole nature paused as if facing a stupid question,
The water calmed, the wind left, the birds fast asleep,
Then from the depth of my soul conscience took a feeling,
And asked me with a tone of sadness,
“Why did you left someone you love so much,
And through wrong paths walk,
And in anger blames everything else but you?”

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