Well Wishes.

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The smile and laughter you bring,
Became the prayer of mine for you,
Every moment passes, in past drowns,
Every moment together spent, as a blessing taken,
Oh’ a century of happiness I wish for you,
In the wellness of heart, soul and body gains,
And every breath of mine will be a prayer for you.


Daytime brings light everywhere,
In nights we see stars spreading the beauty of light,
May the light of healing spread night and day,
And make you the light in starless nights.


On any given moment, billions exhale and inhale,
On every moment, everyone is part of a bigger picture not seen,
On this moment unwell you maybe,
But in every moment in every heart that known yours,
Very well you always will be that gives you strength to get well soon.

Photo by Tony Ross on Unsplash

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