Your Undeniable Wish.

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Your Undeniable Wish.

The months of summer have arrived,
Oh’ dear like your smile they all came,
Warm, bright and enlightening.

My dear, my dearest darling these days I look,
At these bright warm days to be reminded,
Of a smile I wish I could see.

Everyday brighter than the summer sun,
And brightening up the darkest moments of life.
Oh’ invisible you always wanted to be,
And invisible I will remain from your eyes.

Silent about you I will remain,
Fulfilling your undeniable wish,
But do you believe I ever can keep,
That wonderful smile of yours invisible,

From my mind where embedded in my love,
Your smile, your anger, your sadness and your wish,
For every beat of my heart find reason,
In all that you are and you will be.

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Photo by Alex Michaelsen on Unsplash

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