The Dark Light.

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The Dark Light.

Together stood facing life like a storm came,
Ah’ the passion filled our eyes and compassion in soul filled,
And lost in it all were the love for each other once we felt.

The rain grew in the silence of heart beat,
Oh’ I hear not my own heart beat for your life I dedicated,
The dreams we weaved overwhelmingly clutched my heart.

Felt a thousand questions in my mind,
Ah’ they were all repetition of the same questions wrote,
As a one liner for you to read and as an answer laugh.

The unwritten song of love Oh’ nature whispered,
And I lost the rhythm of the song I wrote for you…
Oh’ as I hear not the beat of your heart from where sprouted,

Love for me and my love found new fuel..
Light spread deeper and deeper to every corner,
Even to the depths of souls for our love prayed.

None saw nothing anymore as my mind whispered the curse,
“None more I will love as in the love lost I will live and perish”.
The prayers and love only spread the lost flames with darkness bound.

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Photo by Daniel Spase on Unsplash

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