Ray Of Light From A Pure Soul.

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Ray Of Light From A Pure Soul.

Silence inside the mind nested,
Then like migrating birds silence all around spread,
And through many paths gone,
Where darkness in celebration danced,
Celebration of loneliness and heartless immorality.

Oh’ life by wrongdoings and mistakes shredded,
Then by stormy thoughts scattered,
Paths passed by lies, deception, tears and prayers filled,
Tears shed to correct the incorrect and failed,
Prayers prayed seeking forgiveness of sins committed,
Oh’ life left sarcastic smiles upon a bruised face.

Every moment left nightmarish memories,
And through it all unheard, unsought and unloved lived,
Words can’t describe the squeezing feeling,
And screams can’t relieve the pain, excruciating.

Meaningless, aimless days spread to weeks,
And weeks to months and they all pushed,
Through years of a rejected mind filled with lonely dreams.

 Oh’ a lover, who loved and became a poet,
A poet who only wrote about love,
And only by disappointments loved,
And by faceless phantoms in fantasy of expected reality.

 Light lost its meaning from a darkened life,
Though the sun still shined way above,
And that darkness through every view spread,
And it was in the dance of darkness, silence joined.

 Oh’ how many times into the dark hole fallen,
And every time in hope looked, deeper and deeper fell.
Then came a girl as a ray of light,

Brighter than the sun she shined,
Warmer than all love existed, warmth she spread,
Beauty of a soul she shown,
Beauty of character she shown,
Stretched to her arms and soul with innocence filled charms,
And in front of it all dissolved the darkness surrounded.

Every word she spoke, every gestures she shown,
Oh’ woke up a mind forever in virtual death left.
By the hard rock tunes silence subdued,
Mind too danced in joy and hope,
And dreams weaved in virtue of promises and shared love.

 Oh’ two passion filled eyes in that ray of light seen,
Those thick red curly hair and in the middle a wonderful face,
But through it all everyone looked felt, a loving soul.

 But for her all a game in a wild and virtual world,
The smiles and laughs, the silly jokes and remarks,
Her anger and sadness and the command of the boss,

Oh’ she in her awe forgot,
Games in a younger world changed,
Into serious reality, right under her nose,
Amid the chaos of a wicked world, she forgot,
A poet wrote the reality of her love she misunderstood,
Even when she rejected the love offered she forgot
An empty soul she has not.

In words and deeds apologetic she turned off,
The ray of light that spread hope and love,
Leaving soul once more in the clutches of love,
Only disappointment in colorless images can give,
But the light she left in soul remained,
Yet another face embedded in soul,
But as a ray of light in dark paths ahead forever will shine.
© LonelyPoet – All Rights Reserved – 2008.

Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

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