The Waiting Bride.

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The Waiting Bride

The childhood days danced through the dreams she weaved,
And in it a wonderful prince called her his princess of dreams,
Through the wonderful lands they wandered and played,
Joy and pride hid away worries of the world in charms of innocence.

Life rolled different carpets for those silky feet to walk,
And to her came faces of smiles, charms, beauty and adventurous.
Ah’ love defined in many different ways through the seasons passed,
Through it all fulfilled dreams one by one in with touches of romance.

Cycles of life Oh’ at times brought pain and she fell,
But somewhere from her soul she picked words of that little prince,
And through the fantasies all pains of a wilder world erased,
Ah’ perfection took a touch from her soul to fill the human world.

Years passed, charms have left, life with her wandered,
Nothing wrong, but no heart found the love to make her love,
And she held no hands without care but again and again lost,
Oh’ love’s spirituality in many ways by many misunderstood.

Then she settled for a man whom she thought she may love,
But the material world rumbled at her through him a flavor of love,
Ah’ she knew not about what she should do or say but said “Yes”.
The world around celebrated in colors filled joy she knew not.

On that day, the wonderful day in the hall of a church she waited,
The wrapped silk and the held flowers were no match in prettiness,
And for the world and her man to be ready at the altar she stood,
Oh’ then she heard a voice from near that said “Princess of my dreams.”.

Looked around and walked around and in a distance she found,
The man only in dreamy voices she heard but in real he stood,
And to his smile and another romantic verse she dedicated,
Her love deep in her soul all her life in waiting she kept.

And they walked away in the awe of all the fake love of the world,
And she never looked back at the colors and whistles of the world,
Where the pain of waiting she erased with a dream
And now held her hand in the fulfillment of a life time of waiting.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

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