A Date With Sorrow.

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Blog post about this poem – Please Read This Before Reading The Poem.

A Date With Sorrow.


What name will you call me sorrow?
For in you I lost mine and also I lost,
The definitions of what made me who I am,
And all that was left were fogs of darkness.

What definitions should I give you sorrow?
As shredded verses in the depths of soul echo,
The fantastic fascinations of yours that obsessed,
In giving hope and then leaving tears upon lips.

What reason should I find in your arrival sorrow?
For with you came shadows with no figures,
And self-doubts without origins and mockery of life,
Ah’ through you gone were the smiles from faces.

Life’s cycle started slowly, so did the setting of you sorrow,
Nightmares you left made me laugh, love you took danced,
In mirages not that far. Oh’ no storm will last forever,
And no curse upon you my soul ever will leave.

All the love you took from me Oh’ they left ne sorrow,
The very definition of me I thought in them I lost,
Ah’ none of them meant to me anything of worth,
For all definitions of my own self, defined in the love of her to me.

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.Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

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