Happiness Of Luck And Love.

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Happiness Of Luck And Love.

Summer’s fury in thick clouds and wind collapsed,
As the Sun took his chariots to south leaving a chill,
Trees shook in winds and leaves whispered prayers,
To hold on tight as autumn and winter woke up north.

Chaos ah’ humanity’s manufactured curse danced,
And people finished with all ways to divide and kill,
Weapons forged, armed to the teeth ah’ they all live,
Politicians failed in methods and policies, brewed new hatred.

Through the dark roads he drove as the cold grew in anger,
Still the daily chores without fail completed and drove home,
At his door he saw a broken legged raccoon scrambling for food,
Ah’ the sight took a beat or two of his heart in the cold and rain.

The world may throw cruel tantrums at his life,
And life in those cruelty fund brutality into his nerves,
Still deep inside stays a Soul from God’s own glow made,
And that soul told not to sleep without feeding the creature in cold.

Never cared for the cold November rain and he took,
The cat food he bought for the creatures in his backyard lived,
Laid the food and to his house with a prayer he left,
Then later in the night to see the creature ate or not he checked.

Saw the creature not high but upon the tree the raccoon sat,
And the kind man looked up at the creature to check his welfare,
But the creature as if saw a repulsive monster turned its face,
Ah’ the soul never swayed but sprouted a smile upon his face.

The smile came as he remembered a lovely girl he loved,
Loved her from his heart and soul in the best of all he knew,
But she erased her smile from her face when he told her what he felt,
And away from him looked the last time he saw her and at her smiled.

He left the creature and the night and falling rain to their chores,
When sat in the warmth of home once more soul made him smile,
For he knows the right he did and what happened in real,
Life indeed happens to people in different but mysterious ways.

Ah’ his soul to his conscience through his smile whispered,
To live in happiness without mysteries of luck and love.

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Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

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