Circles And Cycles.

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In circles and cycles time traveled,
As morning mist tried hard not to fall,
From the blooming trees that danced in morn,
Of a new birthed spring where to bind I tried,
Hopes buried in the winter frost of youth.

Ah’ life through cycles in circles unraveled,
Fortunes and misfortunes, ah’ wilder rides,
Eyes always felt as if to stained-glasses glued,
As beyond moved the puzzles of romance,
For reasons unknown cycles and circles they never felt.

The world around, oh’ the critics and mockers,
Gossips and laughs about the loveless life felt,
The buried talks and the whispers they know I heard too,
Ah’ none carried a spear or a dagger with them,
Still all pierced with looks and words that hurts worse.

Circles and cycles oh’ they bent time as one moved,
From thoughts to dreams and dreams to reality,
Ah’ as along space bent Oh’ nothing stayed same.
Dragged along the gossip lines the truth of loveless life,
Love, a wonder never ever felt as it lost me to loneliness.

Then the story I turned backwards and sideways to see,
As reality has many different faces than one knows,
The fortunate and unfortunate buried lot many tears,
Oh’ how lucky and peaceful I feel when I know I loved,
And how lucky I know you are, when I know you are loved.

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Photo by Ieva Vizule on Unsplash

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