An Image You Forged.

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Days of every kind I walked through,
As fast as they could light took away the days,
Oh’ spring, summer, fall and winter,
The days carried me too along,
The life that perplexed me as usual,
Always changed with the changing days.

From youth to middle age I rebelled with “My ladies”,
Images of them in my mind they left,
For me to see and cherish,
Even when in the darkness they hide.
In my mind every one with a name I kept,
But many I forgot as ‘much older’ I became,
But some from the long lost memories filled in,
When a beautiful lady pass me by who bears that name.

The world passed by that bit of time,
When images and omens drawn paths,
Then deliberately a path I have drawn,
Love is the omen through every sense I felt,
Only one image in my senses filled,
That image I vow to carry the rest of my time.

The image of you that erased every sin of mine,
With the purity of love deep in your heart you forged,
Just with my image that never stopped smiling.

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Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

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