The Stranger In The Heart.

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Blog Post About This Poem – Read This Before Reading The Poem.

Drained mind like a tired ballet dancer stood,
No more steps can be taken, no more moves to show,
Still deep inside amid the shallow paths of mind,
That once with brighter glow of romance filled,
Ah’ a stranger played hide and seek in a maze.

Turn, turn and turn and a dead end she found,
Where she hid and as my mind’s eyes reached,
She moved and moved and moved beyond sight,
Ah’ my own maze through which she moved,
Mind’s eyes fell apart as another turn I know not she found.

Took the lesson that mind in whole I know not,
Then I looked and I found a way out of the maze,
Stepped out and away from the maze walked,
Then I remembered ah’ I remembered I never seen,
The face of her, the stranger who played hide and seek.

Drained mind for a way ahead looked but only mirages seen,
When looked back I saw, she running away from the maze.

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Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

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