A Reason To Smile.

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The energies flown through the night came
From a time passed through heights of unknowns
The unknowns to each other we are,
Ah’ in lifeless days they drown.

A pathos song the falling snow sang,
As silent I stood watching the melancholy,
Somewhere wandered conscience in quarrel,
Saying “Silent I cannot live with your love”.

Scavengers came out though the weather that danced wild,
And at them in kindness I looked and shared,
The tit bits of food in the freezing cold I can share,
And at me they looked and as if in prayers they stood.

Drown not O’ Darling, Drown not in memories where I lost,
Fault of mine or of others ah’ nothing matters not,
For in love many battles one may lose and yet, love we will,
And to you about the future unknown I give no promises.

My empty backyard even at mid-night bright lit stayed,
Ah’ the fallen reflected light from some far away star,
Holding on to a dream unseen in my mind’s eyes I saw,
All the happy moments we share and burying sadness.

Oh’ is that the promise of future to you and I,
Or is that an escape from the pains of present times,
Ah’ I know not about times anymore as your eyes I miss,
Still seeing you beside even in a daydream gave me smile.

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Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

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