A Dancing Partner.

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I drove around the city side and then to the country side,
Life thrived all around even in the freezing cold,
Still silent stayed my mind to venomous thoughts,
As the passing wind left a scent from her rosy cheeks.

Love is not like a season that comes and leaves,
Love is a feeling to my heart she brought through her smiles,
And love never will be left in a historical memory lane,
As love lives through every beat of our heart.

The wet and cold winter through every bit life expanded,
As life for many waited for the fury of freeze to be over,
Love indeed and spirit always waits to be awaken, to sprout.
Ah’ what wonders one can expect when in love two souls meet!

Try hard not to scare the blooming heart,
The phantoms of life, Oh’ they are murderers of dreams,
Try hard not to fall in the fantasy tales,
The gossiper’s addiction will not cure with love and smiles.

The falling snow will not last forever nor the darkened clouds,
Thick cold air will pass when light seen bright in meanings full,
The cycle of life O’ will gallop faster than stallions can,
Relax the leash and look in his eyes to feel the warmth of love.

Oh’ I sang and sang and drove East to West, North to South,
No leash around me felt, ah’ bitter cold once more asked me to dance.

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Photo by Sam Chapman on Unsplash

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