A Break, In Enjoyment.

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No dreams, no stories to tell, nothing more to talk,
Even in a soliloquy in the confinement of four walls.
No passion, no smiles, no jokes to crack a laugh,
Even as the days passed color filled, yet, uncaring.

A world addicted by the thirst for happiness,
And the shenanigans by people to live them,
On and on to rewind to a moment into gone by past,
Ah’ and the present stands unclaimed, unfelt.

Young life, youth life, sweet life, ah’ the world hailed,
And life touched them deep and wide and they all lived,
From dusk till dawn they slept well, from dawn till dusk,
They slaved beyond the worst salves Egypt ever produced,

And to all that said, “No” never into the world blended,
May the world into existence blend and let time move,
Love the magic sprouted in imaginations and brewed.
Realities of good, bad and unseen and unfolded in her mind.

Ah’ when she said “No” for him time paused,
Existence became oil in water and the world a market,
Were, for no money sold images through verses recited,
Images of love meant only for her, by her unaccepted.

To his own soliloquy where images became words, he told,
“Live on dreams, live through times in no way I can imagine,
Where loses of images drag me down and to my knees,
Life had taken a break and blinded my imaginations.”

Where will be the light as directionless he searched,
His light is in the love of her, ah’ a candle left unkindled,
The melting winter under his feet felt but unsprouted remained,
The spring he sought, as away from him in break life enjoyed.

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Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

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