A Fish Under Frozen Lakes.

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I love the winters of North,
Isolated, from the wild, wicked chaos,
Howling winds and frozen lakes, freeze,
Even the sprouting dreams from the depths of soul.

No flowers to color any life,
No screaming lovers to distract,
No half naked women to attract,
Romance into erotic fantasies and be lost.

The air tight windows ah’ to a clear mind unfelt.
Laid down a dreamy mind under the cold pillows,
Somewhere from the black and white nature felt,
My blessings of a lifetime is about to wrap a happy knot.

No more questions with honesty I can ask,
Ah’ my love for her is as black and white as winter,
As deeper as the deepest oceans of Earth,
Where darkness never enters and her love is the light.

Images of the future in mind as a neverending show played,
Frozen dreams lost their charms as new lights sprouted,
But without her, no new dreams my mind can see,
Without her, life is a trapped fish under those frozen lakes.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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