Kiss Of The Thin Air

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The fantastic morning wept when she left,
As the lord of the day melted every bit of dew,
Ah’ it looked like the tears of the morning fairies,
Yet, the world rejoiced in the warmth of spring.

The branches in the warmth to sprout stretched,
As the trees rooted deeper to find more hold,
The cunning cold still tried hard to keep his grip,
Hid beneath skins of trees away from the shinning sun.

Sun like a fiery ball with his uncompromising pride shined,
In the warmth woke thin air winds who took the touch of sun,
And danced upon the branches beneath where the lazy cold hid,
Then from plains came a pretty bird unseen in beauty by mankind.

The poet stood unaware to the unfolding magic of nature,
The bird watched again and again and listened to his verses,
The she fluttered her wings in quietness not to disturb his peace,
But the thin air took her wing scents and texture unto him.

Upon his reciting lips the wind touched like a kiss,
And his eyes he opened, ah’ the wonderful kiss he felt,
Nothing he saw, nothing he heard, just the touch of her from far,
Heart smiled, soul danced, ah’ beauty of love forever he felt.

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Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

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