Footprints No Time Can Erase.

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Blog Post About This Poem – Watch This Before Reading This Poem.

Innocence in the early age that comes,
From all corners of the world to you,
As majority of the Earth with water covered,
Surround you and even in that walking in solitude,
Through the wooded paths of life and you turn,
To look back at paths passed and footprints left.

The wonders seen in a world in all chaos still beautiful,
The wonders heard in all the screams that still echoes,
The wonders learned, all tools of life to be lived,
Everything one element in a flight of fantasy in a journey,
No details ever mattered as through life in a hurry flown,
Into that seaside, where nothing ever ends but a new beginning.

Innocence all through the wonders of life danced,
When moment of happiness, sadness, and anger clutched,
Innocence teaching to laugh at all as silly little things,
Teaching to see little things big and heavenly send,
Teaching to open heart into bigger than the known big,
Of the universe and receive life’s blessing one element at a time.

A path that leads to an inevitable dusk,
Where in the same way one came to the wonders of world,
Solitude awaits for the cheerful, the broken hearted, and the mute,
Solitude one feels as every sunset one watches, silence inside grows,
Silence that brings meanings unknown to the forefront of mind,
Where pain and passion evolves into the gain and compassion.

Every step passed a stop on a rough road in the long journey,
The rough pebbles pained the legs, yet, the paths must be passed,
Even upon pebbles, a footprint we all must leave without leaving none,
The inevitable end one must not care about, for, beyond it, all unknown,
When walking sideways I begin, in the sight of footprints I remember
The love for you I carried in my heart left footprints no time can erase.

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Photo by Matt Antonioli on Unsplash

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