Know Her, Seasons.

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Sincerity, Oh’ if you were a human you will have,
The face of my darling, the smile of my dearest,
For upon the face of her I always wish in prayers,
To see the prettiest smiles for which tirelessly I work.

Sanctity, Oh’ if you were a human you will adore,
The heart and soul of a woman, who weaves my dreams,
Every day with a new thread in her own heart she weaves,
And in the beat of her heart I listen and in my mind’s eyes see.

Commitment, Oh’ if you were a human you will be me,
For through my eyes a soul the world will see,
A soul that took her image, a soul that in love for her fills,
Every sense that touches my senses, the knowledge of her.

Days spread out weeks and weeks to months of romance,
Love, they say, “Is an ocean in which one will be lost”,
Lost I am not but, Oh’ touch of your lovely heart I gained,
A heart I know a little more, day and night in my romance.

Ah’ the air is warm; light is bright to carry my love to you.

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Photo by pablo soriano on Unsplash

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