The Love You Deserve.

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The morning into a prayer delivered my mind,
Hard work in discipline as if in a penance,
But in many experiments learned life’s hacks.
And after every success I left life a smile to remember.

In the journeys, in long years of studies, Oh’ in dreams,
A way away from ordinary and a way around found,
Ah’ how life became an extra ordinary set of events,
All through paths mankind made as fantastic shortcuts.

The day I woke up from a prayer in my mind,
Ah’ back at the roads through shortcuts passed I looked,
Crookedness from arrogance came, laziness made a liar,
Hard work became harder as discipline found no shortcut.

Prayers, prayers and then another thought,
Isn’t it for another shortcut I am praying,
Stopped everything in action and reaction and asked,
“Where in life any shortcuts I never used?”.

Moments where through no long paths walked,
Ah’ I found none and then to my life I again asked,
“What in life not happened in absolute perfection?”
Long thoughts dried the brain to sleep and again I woke,

As the waking prayer I recited, a feeling I grabbed,
Oh’, no romance in perfection I did as through it all,
A short path I searched and no path to any loving heart found,
As I lost ways in shortcuts only soulless hearts I found.

Prayers, prayers and one day, you I found,
And stood there thinking about which way to give love,
“No shortcuts dear”, my soul-filled conscience told,
And no shortcuts to reach your heart I ever tried.

I spoke, I wrote and again and again to learn I tried ,
Even in dreams the long paths I walked and ran,
A soul-filled heart I found, a lot of love to give I have,
In paths wonderful, perfection of my love you deserve.

Prayers, prayers for the long roads to be flower filled.

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Photo by Ari Erma on Unsplash

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