Angels Of Flesh And Blood.

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The turmoil in mind Oh’ like a lashing hurricane grew,
Warmth from the ocean of love in mind for her, fueled,
As the eye of the storm deep into soul penetrated,
Ah’ flashes of a fantastic hope deep in mind relumed.

The fascination of words into verses of mind weaved,
Ah’ do they touch you like a feather from a fair dove?
Or do they through your back like a drop of water flow?
Or like the turmoil in my mind with wind and thunder hit?

In how you feel is where the relumed hope finds light,
As quill dries and no more ink from anywhere I can find,
Ah’ don’t leave minds to stereotyped imaginations to rule,
Undo the binds in which reality up in clouds hangs.

Bring an end to this prolonging prologue of romance,
Bring to front the desires of future of loving hearts,
Let us be the Angels of flesh and blood in our love,
So sacredly for each other exists but in your doubts drowns.

The stars are aligned, the page of the written fate unfolded.

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Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash

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