A Plea To A Flower.

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Blog Post About This Poem – Read This Before You Read The Poem.

Oh’ I have broken laws of humans, laws that guide,
Humanity to happiness and keep unhappiness away,
What specialty life upon me ever thrust upon?
Other than the laws and rules none every understood.

And left I my weeping conscience from under my feet,
The ten thousand dreams, misguided, and at times monstrous.
Oh’ I broke free from the invisible chains I myself made,
And learned not to look back but to look all around.

What led humanity to happiness, ah’ always they didn’t made,
Happiness in my heart and in what unhappiness people cried,
Made me cry along then even in them found a way to make smile.
Oh’ I have broken the laws humanity so forcefully embraced.

Oh’ these thoughts at times in heart hymns a melody,
As my time that rhymes with the world churned another day.
Broken laws, and all who lost me when in laws they abide,
Ah’ into the abyss of emptiness they all fell unknowing.

The specialty of life seen when a wild flower into eyes smiled,
The chirping bird sang a tune till now unheard to me too,
Silent I signed to her and thoughts into unknown emptied,
No memory I gathered as all I did were to let go.

No love weaved, as no love I can have as all around I looked,
That flower into the depths of my soul grew as back I walked,
Echoed in my ears was that sweet tune the unseen bird sang,
Oh’ then I know love beyond my imagination stuck my heart.

Sat I apologetically as the flower, as that smile never left,
The echo into my being resonated the words of our talk,
“Did I hated you with my rude ways of breaking laws?
Hate me know for no love I have for you or anything else.”.

The flower replied “Proud I was in the beauty of my own,
But, not even the beauty of a thousand flowers like me,
Can compare to the beauty of the love you loved.
As about her I learn from the love you once weaved,

Seek no forgiveness, nor any solace in the wild world ways,
Break every laws, break every barriers, and reach her heart,
For the force of her love you know not and be there for her”.
Once more I walked as the humming bird waited for my leave.

Then in hiding I waited for the bird to leave and then I stole,
The flower from the branch and at the flower I pleaded,
“Take no thoughts from my heart, take no sight from the world,
Reach her face and on her forehead fall and give her the feeling,

Of love of the best kind as in the love of the best lost,
Are the thoughts of mine and every bit of my energy,
Take my love and spread upon her with love history taught.”.
Then into the wind the pollen of the flower I blown.

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Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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